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Frontpages of all international newspapers on one page

What were the headlines in the international newspapers on September 12, 2001?

Newseum - The Interactive Museum of News can help you view the front pages of all the newspapers on that day. - The pages are presented as image screenshots (jpg) and can also be download as PDF files which can be viewed using free Acrobat reader.

Newseum allows you to read today's headlinesfrom more than 300 U.S. and international newspaper front pages. The newspaper screenshots can be viewed as a interactive Flash map or sorted by regions of the world.

The front page thumbnails on the main screen are in alphabetical order by U.S. state, with newspapers displayed alphabetically by name within each U.S. state. Immediately after the papers from individual states are national U.S. papers, such as USA TODAY and The Wall Street Journal. Following that are international papers, in alphabetical order by country, with papers arranged alphabetically within each country. Make sure that pop-up are enabled in your web browser.

Reminds me of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine from that allows people to visit archived versions of Web sites. Visitors to the Wayback Machine can type in a URL, select a date range, and then begin surfing on an archived version of the Web. Imagine surfing circa 1999 and looking at all the Y2K hype, or revisiting an older version of your favorite Web site. The Internet Archive Wayback Machine can make all of this possible.