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Desktop Screen Recorder Software for Geeks

Dan Miser has just discovered a very brilliant use of Camtasia - he uses Camtasia for Debugging:

During conversion of our application suite to Delphi 2005, I ran into a very irritating bug where a form was flashing extremely quickly during application startup. It was so fast that I couldn't get a feel for which screen it was that was flashing. Debugging the application also didn't reveal what form it was. So, what to do? I thought of using Camtasia to record the screen during startup, and then play back the recorded session at a very slow rate so that I could find out what I needed to know. I had to be sure to crank up the frames per second capture rate as high as it would go, but after a smooth install and some tweaking of options in Camtasia, the plan worked beautifully. I found out what form it was that was flashing, and then fixed it.

Not just Camtasia, there are host of other software tools which can help your record your actions and desktop activity . BB FlashBack, Macromedia Captivate and Qarbon ViewletCam are some of the best available commerial tools for creating demonstration videos, training tutorials, e-learning modules and . Screencasting to help your mom carries a complete list of screencasting software and reviews.