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Camtasia Studio 3.0 - Screencasting Swiss Knife

Camtasia Studio 3 is one the most popular Screencasting tools developed by TechSmith. I personally use the wonderful Camtasia Studio with Snagit all the time for my website and presentations.

Camtasia Studio can help you record and edit videos of screen activity in all multimedia formats and enhance the captured material with special effects, narration and a variety of multimedia features. With Camtasia Studio, you can teach and demonstrate complex ideas and subtle points , rather than through words alone with exact video renderings of desktop activity. Stream videos live or distribute by CD-ROM and from the Web.

Camtasia is very popular tool for creating screencast. Even Jon Udell, the lead analyst for the InfoWorld Test Center prefers Camtasia over Qarbon Viewletbuilder and Macromedia Captivate.

Techsmith is now positioning the tool as a Flash Printer for converting CAD Drawings, Photographs to smaller Flash SWF files. The most amazing new features in the upcoming version :

Picture-in-Picture (aka PiP): You can now record the presentation and the presenter. Camtasia now captures video from your video camera and synchronizes it with your screen recording. Now it's easier than ever to deliver training and presentations with a personal touch.

Titling: Give your videos a common look and feel with Titles. Title graphics and text can be inserted to introduce your videos or to add credits to their endings.

The best screencasting software is just getting better. Other new features include quizzing, smaller Flash files, and one month of free web hosting for your videos. If you buy Camtasia Studio 2.1 today, you will get a free upgrade to 3.0 when it's released.

Techsmith has released a free update to Camtasia Studio 3.0.1 which is available for free.

What's new in Camtasia Studio 3.0.1 - Changed the IDs of the PowerPoint buttons so that they don't conflict with the IDs used by the Macromedia Breeze Add-in for PowerPoint.

Compare your version of Camtasia Studio with the latest Camtasia 3.0.1

Techsmith provides a casestudy for converting PowerPoint Live presentations to flash with Camtasia Studio used by Stanford University Professor Carrye.

Thom Robbins tells us that Microsoft Channel 9 team members also use Camtasia Studio for creating screencasts.