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The best tip ever to increase productivity

The most important tip to increase productivity Avoid the email addiction - The "ding" of an incoming email is a big temptation to interrupt what you are doing to check messages. Set times during the day to check and respond to your messages to stay on task.

In a recent study by , US workers reported that 35 percent of their work week is unproductive., in an effort to help employers and employees understand when during the work week they can expect to be most productive, recently polled US workers and found that Tuesdays between 10 am and noon is considered to be the height of productivity.

"All of us have our best days and times, but the results clearly show that the majority of the workforce has a sound understanding of when they feel at the top of their game in terms of productivity," commented JillXan Donnelly president of "Identifying what makes us all more productive will help both employers and employees better prepare and organize to increase efficiencies and effectiveness in the workplace."

Respondents share their insights on increasing productivity.