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The best of Firefox Tricks, Extensions and Websites

Scott Kingery has collected some of the best Firefox Tips and Tricks - The website can be subscribed as an RSS Feed.

I came across a useful Firefox extension similar to AI Roboform called Scribe - It lets you save the field of your form. So if you are on-line and filling out a blog post or a coment to someone elses post you can hit crtl+s and save your comment locally. If something should happen you can do a "File - Open Entry.." and open you saved file right into your form. Handy for Gmail and other web based email programs.

Scott has also listed of some of the best Firefox related websites:

  • Firefox Switch: Excellent Guide. Answers the questions: 'Why switch to Mozilla Firefox?', 'Questions about switching' and 'How do I make the switch?'
  • Switching from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox: Mozilla's site for getting IE users up to speed.
  • From IE to Firefox: Has some great set up tips.
  • Secrets of Firefox 1.0: Windows Secrets newsletter posting include quite a bit of what you will find here and goes into a bit more detail.
  • Mozillazine's Firefox FAQ
  • Wikipedia's Firefox entry has tons of ever increasing information on all things Firefox.
  • HowStuffWorks has a comprehensive article that has tons of info including history, extensions, open source software, etc. Lots of detail there.
  • Check out what the tagged web on Technorati is saying about Firefox
  • Firefox Tutor is a brand new site that will have new and interesting tips for the browser. Check it out and subscribe to it's RSS feed.
  • Firefox tips & tricks from Mozilla: You'll find tips on making your button bars more XP like or Windows Classic like. And things like speeding page rendering and even running Firefox for removable media like a USB drive.
  • Introduction to Mozilla Firefox: Includes screenshots of how to set up Firefox and info on tabbed browsing and so forth.