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Adobe Photoshop plug-ins for Photographers

Almost every digital camera, no matter how inexpensive, generally comes with rudimentary photo-editing software for changing exposures and retouching small flaws like red-eye in flash photos.

But to do more than that usually means turning to Adobe Photoshop CS2, a program that dominates photo-editing software so much its name has become a verb for digitally altering images. And, much like Apple's successful iPod music player, has spawned a small secondary industry of companies that make accessories for it. In Photoshop's case, of course, accessories take the form of software, known as plug-ins, that add features.

NYTimes highlights certain areas like Sharpening, Color Adjustment, Exposure where may not be able do the best job but plug-ins come to the rescue : Tools for the New Darkroom - Plug-in programs can make picture editing software easier to use.

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