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Try software for 7 days - either buy it or delete it

Jeff writes about his passion for trying out new software. He says: I love to try out new software all the time, in fact its sort of an obsession. I'm always on the prowl for cool new applications. After seven days of use though if I'm not totally blowon away or if its not improving my PC life, its straight to add/remove programs I go.

What will make a piece of software get registered vs. uninstalled?

1. Does it play well with my other applications or does it clobber my other applications?
2. Does it have a weird user interface or is the experience sleek?
3. Is the data easily available to all of my machines or do I have to perform registry judo to get the data to another desktop?
4. Does it improve my PC experience, make me more productivity or do I have fun with it?
5. Have I completely forgotten about the application after seven days?

Edd adds: Actually, I have a similar rule. I will not install a new program when I first hear about it, no matter how tempting it sounds. Instead, I wait at least two weeks, and during that time I check the software out. Any known problems? Any unfortunate interactions with other programs? Only after I satisfy myself that the program is safe and reliable do I allow myself to install it. You'd be amazed how many programs that sound irresistible at first turn out to be completely, um, resistible.