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Slipstream Microsoft products

Have you ever wanted a Windows CD that would install Windows by automatically putting in your name, product key, timezone and regional settings? And have it merged with the latest Service Pack to save time? Followed by silently installing all your favourite applications along with DirectX 9.0c, .Net Framework 1.1 and then all the required hotfixes, updated drivers, registry tweaks, and a readily patched UXTheme.dll without any user interaction whatsoever? Then this guide will show you how you can do just that!

According to Langa, slipstreaming means you create a new setup CD that includes all the patches and updates right in the setup files, so you can create a new Windows installation that won't need hours of downloading and installing patches and updates to be made current. Instead, it will be fully current from the start.

L@rray, a Langalist read has come across a goldmine of a site.

While there, I learned to slipstream XP and various versions of Office, create a bootable CD/DVD, and pack it with a series of scripts that installs the OS, adds specific drivers during the process, installs Office complete with advanced customizations, installs applications such as MSN Messenger and Windows Media Player and even installs Nero Burning ROM (using command-line switches!). There is a whole host of apps that have been documented on the site, with full instructions on getting things right. There are even sample scripts that you can copy and paste to get you started.

There are tools that you can download from the site that even allow you to run a batch command and pack the whole shebang into an ISO file that can be burned directly to a CD (or DVD if you exceed a CD's capacity), or use Virtual PC to mount the ISO as if it's a CD. Then you can "virtually" test your creation without sacrificing a load of disks during the process. Best of all, the site is completely free. Note to readers: Make sure you understand the overall process before diving in. Read the entire site and double-check your scripts before you ever burn your first CD.

If you got a DVD Recorder, you can even bundle with .

What you will need:
A Windows CD. Applicable with Windows 2000 through Windows 2003.
The Service Pack you wish to use for your operating system. Windows 2000 SP4 - Windows XP SP1a - Windows XP SP2
The Deployment tools for your operating system. This guide will cover the build for Windows XP SP2. Those can be found here

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