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Secure Windows login with typing a password

Palcott Software have just released Natural Login Pro that offers secure Windows login without the need to type your password every time. It works by storing your password on a USB key, which automatically identifies you and can log you in automatically. To log-off, you can simply remove the USB key and the computer will be locked. The program supports multiple users, and can also store multiple account logins on a single USB key. In addition, Natural Login Pro offers an emergency login that can be used if you forgot or lost your USB key.

With Auto-Login, a user can be automatically logged in to their computer as they insert the device into the USB port. Natural Login Pro recognizes the user, determines their access privileges, and connects them to the appropriate account on the computer. The result is powerful hardware-based security melded with convenient access. In addition, unlike other security schemes that require users to carry around hardware tokens made specifically for access-control, with Natural Login Pro the user gets all of the advantages of a hardware token without the need for a dedicated device.

If you want to tighten your security, the program also offers additional security questions, that can prevent unauthorized users from accessing your PC by simply inserting the USB key. Palcott software is the only company to propose such a comprehensive solution. It allows easy transport of your identification keys in the most natural way possible by using your regular mobile objects.