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Filehand 3.0 Desktop Search

It is unfortunate that Filehand Search, winner of a 2004 Shareware Industry Association award for best utility using .NET, was not included in the latest report comparing tools.

Bob Gelinas just informed me that Filehand Search 3.0 is officially released and new features include better support for Outlook and use of tabs to multi-task among different searches. To me, the most unique and innovative feature of Filehand is Full scrollable extracts - You can see the extracts of the files you found, even for PDF files and even scroll through the extracts so you can quickly find the information you're looking for. (look at the illustration below)

snapshot of filehand search

The new Filehand API provides tight integration of the Filehand search functions into any .NET application, including ASP.NET. The API is priced at $995 for a single use license. Multi-use and re-distribution licenses are also available. The product brief summarizes the Filehand API capabilities and also describes a .NET demonstration project and an ASP.NET search application that ship with the API.

Filehand 2.0 had some minor issues which I hope are sorted out. Download Filehand here. More information on Filehand here.