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E-learning could be the next success story

BS writes that e-learning is slowly gaining ground as companies try to save time and costs. And if you thought that only IT firms were cashing in on their inherent technology strengths, think again – manufacturing firms too are using e-learning tools for, yes, the shop floor.

Two years ago, a couple of software engineers at Patni Computers had to be urgently trained for a critical application assignment. With no skilled personnel in India, the only trainer Patni had available was in Singapore.

But with the severe acute respiratory syndrome epidemic raging there, there was no way he could wing his way down.

So what happened? Thanks to the e-learning systems installed by Patni, he could train the engineers in time so that they could complete the work for their client.

Patni isn’t the only company that is taking recourse to e-learning. Today, e-learning encompasses all aspects of life, and is used for induction programmes, sales training or softskills, computer applications, medical courses for nurses and paramedics or to work towards a degree in law or history.