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Yahoo! 360 Invites available

Get a yahoo 360 invitation here. If you need a Yahoo! 360° invitation, please leave a comment. I guarantee that you will receive one. Great Yahoo! invite giveaway.

Yahoo! 360 is a blogging and photo sharing tool from . I particularly like the "Blast" feature where you write a message with a link and it pops up on your friend's screen with your photo. Every time you sign in, you'll automatically see the latest stuff your friends have shared.

Forrester reviews Yahoo! 360°: Central to the whole service is the concept that you want to communicate and connect with the people that you already know, rather than try to meet new people. To this end, your home page on the service shows the most recent content published by people within your network. This might be a blog post, a photo album, review, or an updated profile item. This page is constantly refreshed as the people in your network update the information on their spaces.

This fundamental concept of linking people through their updated "stuff" is what makes Yahoo! 360 unique - and inherently will drive usage of the service higher than traditional social networks. In essence, the content is being pushed to you by the service.Adding stuff is easy. All you need to know is point and click. If you already have stuff on Yahoo! that you want to share -- photo albums, groups, a LAUNCHcast station, Yahoo! Local reviews -- you can add them to your page in a few simple clicks.

But I will only switch to when my blogging client w.bloggar supports it. Till then, its only . Even MSN Spaces doesn't support w.Bloggar yet.

Update: I never realized that this Yahoo 360 Free Invite page is ranked second for 360 invite Yahoo. You can also yahoo 360 get invite now.

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