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Making music on your PC

Gone are the days when making an audio recording meant buying expensive equipment or making a trip to a studio and paying professional prices. Now you can use your computer to record vocals and instruments, edit the whole lot together to create a music track and compile and burn a CD of your work, all with the minimum of fuss and expenditure.

Vnunet has an extensive guide to help you to get started from the hardware requirements and the free software you need. Making and recording music is no longer something that only those with access to a music studio or dedicated equipment can do, and the audio-recording software we have looked at in this feature means making music is even more accessible. You can then use your computer to improve the quality of the music you record or add effects that would otherwise require expensive equipment.

Ars Technica carries another guide to ripping and encoding music. The instructions contained therein will satisfy the majority of casual music listeners, without boring them to tears with details. The author attempts to cut through the BS for the newbies who don't care about alternative audio formats and bitrate charts and other such complexities. The article is huge but that's understandable as there's simply so much information on ripping and encoding audio CDs.