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I don't agree with the Inquirer

In a recent article, the Inquirer mentions some "key" problems in . I am surprised to read most of them. Infact, I would prefer to call them as features:

1. Perhaps a name change to Firefox Mailer would help?
Why would the Mozilla foundation want to change the name Thunderbird which is now associated with one of the best and free email clients. Mozilla calls their browser as Firefox and not "Firefox Browser" - Firefox is a product not a company.

2. No splash screen
Let's do a quick poll here. How may would want a splash screen which covers the screen while the program loads. And Firefox is so quick to load that displaying a splash screen for a nanosecond make little or no sense.

I thought we are talking of a browser which is meant for surfing the web. You have so many free FTP clients available like Flashget which can so easily be integrated with Firefox using extensions.

4. Why deliver security fixes as "new versions", instead of patches?.
I am no super geek to explain this but as we have always seen with Microsoft patches, they fix one problem and create many others. When bandwidth is not a problem, Firefox does the right thing by not taking any chances.

5. No "Client Customization Kit"
Hey, Firefox is free and open-source. If ISP's or business want to customize Firefox with their own themes, bookmarks, they are free to fiddle around with the source code.

6. An INSTANT MESSENGER (coded in xul) should be integrated.
Why ? Firefox is a browser. Use it for surfing or reading RSS. Trillian/Yahoo!/MSN already have good stand-alone messengers - Use them.