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Google Crossword - Test your Google Power!

download and print this image

Take a print of the crossword and fill it using the clues below:

1. Advertise your product
6. Donate your computer's idle time
9. Just added another Gig
10. Use Google on your mobile phone
14. Explore the world from your PC
15. Try out new Google products
16. Download APIs and open source code
18. Ask a question, set a price, get an answer
19. Shop smarter
23. View web pages in other languages
26. Search and browse mail-order catalogs
27. Search over 8 billion web pages
28. Create mailing lists and discussion groups
29. Query from your mobile phone or device
30. Express yourself online

1. Earn more revenue from your website
2. Find a taxi using real time position of vehicles
3. Search through journal articles
4. Search your own computer
5. Search recent TV programs online
7. Get driving directions
8. Search a specific school's website
11. Search for images on the web
12. Instant message your pictures to friends
13. Find, edit and share your photos
17. Browse the web by topic
18. Receive news and search results via email
20. Automatically create sets of items from a few examples
21. Add a search box to your browser
22. Get keyword suggestions in real time
24. Search thousands of news stories
25. Find local businesses and services

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