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Filehand 3.0 Desktop Search will be available soon

FileHand Search, a unique tool and winner of a 2004 Shareware Industry Association award for best utility using .Net, is preparing to release version 3.0.

Filehand will continue to be free. This again brings the obvious question - How do they plan to make money?. Actually, they will also be releasing a new API that allows any .NET application to access the Filehand lookup functions, and an ASP.NET demonstration that uses the API to provide a web accessible search engine. The API won't be free but a free demonstration version will be available.

Filehand allows you to search files and Microsoft Outlook items. The results contain a clickable link to your document, an estimate of the relevance of the found document to your search terms, and an extract of the the document. Filehand 3.0 will feature numerous enhancements over it's predecessor Filehand 2.0. Some of the features worth mentioning are:
  • Index any file that has a supporting iFilter installed on the user's system. - So that means, I can use Filehand to search through my huge archive of .CHM / .PDF help files as there are iFilters for almost all the file-types now.
  • Optionally limit indexing to the first N Kbytes of each file.
  • Save query to a file. Open the file within Windows to launch the query in Filehand Search.

You need Google-like searching for your computer! See

The following are links to free IFilter downloads for various file formats.

Archive Files (like CAB, ZIP orRAR) CHM Compiled HTML files EXE files HLP Help Files Image Files (digital photos, JPEG, etc.) MHT MIME Encapsulation of Aggregate HTML Documents MP3 PDF RTF Visio WordPerfect (Download and run both WPIFilter.exe and WPIFilter.reg) XML