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Desktop Search competition turns fierce with Blinkx 3.0

today unveiled the newest version of its PC search software to enhance the way it finds information on the desktop and across the Internet.

The software has both a new look and new functionality. It can now search some 200 file formats. It can also index local Lotus Notes content and E-mail. Its audio/video search works particularly well because Blinkx indexes actual content using speech-to-text technology, in addition to searching close-captioned text and metadata like competing audio/video search engines.

Blinkx 3.0 features improved security, a document-preview function and the ability to index new files, such as Lotus Notes e-mail messages and attachments, says Suranga Chandratillake, the company's founder and chief technology officer. The product recognizes more than 200 file formats, he notes. Also, Blinkx 3.0 pops up a preview of a document when the user hovers over its search result.

Both the speed at which Blinkx is upgrading its tool and the quality of the upgrades are impressive, considering it is a small company, says Gary Stein, a Jupiter Research analyst. "They seem like a very dedicated and focused group. It shows what a small group of very smart people with the right resources can do," Stein says.

Blinkx's implicit query technology automatically tries to understand whatever document a user is working on and then make relevant search results available without explicit search instructions.Blinkx includes strong user authentication and respects Windows security profiles. Smart Folders, another great feature, automatically populate themselves with search results, which take the form of links to local and Internet documents.

Download Blinkx 3.0 here for free.