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The Utterly Butterly Girl

Amul is a brand of butter made in India. As kids we used to dip Amul buttered bread in hot milk chai. But the Amul Utterly Butterly Girl is an icon of middle class India from the 60s to now. The eagerly awaited Amul ads combine scathing social commentary on the scandal du jour and shine light on little known middle class aspirations that make a very special place. For example see these Ads made during the 1976-7 emergency. Or see the entire archive till today.

The Amul girl who lends herself so completely to Amul butter, created as a rival to the Polson butter girl. "Eustace Fernandez (the art director) and I decided that we needed a girl who would worm her way into a housewife's heart. And who better than a little girl?" says Sylvester daCunha. And so it came about that the famous Amul Moppet was born. From the Sixties to the Nineties, the Amul ads have come a long way and continue to tease a laughter out of them. Where does Amul's magic actually lie? Many believe that the charm lies in the catchy lines. That we laugh because the humour is what anybody would enjoy. They don't pander to your nationality or certain sentiments. It is pure and simple, everyday fun. [Via]