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Google plays Hide n' Seek

Read this true story - A employee, Chikai Ohazama, who is responsible for Keyhole, spends his night learning Javascript and DHTML. He soon develops a nice Google GUI with nice icons which offers centralized access to all the popular Google services and after some persuasion from his friends, posts his new found love on Google Labs. They call it .

GoogleX draws inspiration from Mac OS X's Dock application -t he icons get magnified when you rollover the mouse on them. Upon selecting an item from the "GoogDock", users are whisked away to the appropriate service site. - Infact, the GoogleX tag line itself says "Roses are red. Violets are blue. OS X rocks. Homage to you." Nice Poetry.

Some might think that is honored by this tribute to their baby Mac OS from Google. But the manner is which this was removed raises many doubts. Did Apple threaten to sue Google ? Or did Chikai post the application without the employer's consent. Google X has obviously been pulled, despite Google sending out a promotional announcement to reporters for this morning. Reached for comment, Google's PR team said "Unfortunately, we're not providing comment."

For folks, who did not see the GoogleX page, it is mirrored here, here or here. Elliott Back has gone a step further - he has posted a screenshot and zip archive (~90kb)of the Google X homepage. At the time of writing this post, GoogleX homepage was in the Google's Cache but without any images.
This is G o o g l e's cache of as retrieved on 16 Mar 2005 03:24:12 GMT.

There is a nice GoogleX Animated Flash SWF file here (Looks like it was saved using a screen capture program from Techsmith). If Google ever brings GoogleX back, I would request them to make the application customizable just like what they did to Google News. What if we get the choice of what services I want on the main page. For me in India, Froggle and Google Local makes no sense. So I would replace them with Google directory and .

Update: Clones now getting legal threats from . Here is the message (translated from french) from Google

It has come to our attention that you use functionalities related to the Google brand (commercial logos, Web pages, screenshots or other Google functionalities) on your site without the preliminary authorization of Google.

You must imperatively obtain the authorization from Google to use on your site one of the functionalities related to the company trademark. This restriction is mentioned in our terms of use that you can get for the address

If you continue to use these functionalities related to the Google brand on your site, a Google representative will contact you.

We thank you for your comprehension.


The Google Team