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Download Tally 8.1 Accounting Software: Upgrade Tally 7.2, Tally 6.3

Tally 7.2 ScreenTally 8.1 upgrade is available to Tally 7.1 users at an additional cost of Rs 2,700. (Please keep your serial number and email handy to download Tally 8.1)

Tally 6.3 users can also download Tally 7.2 with the Tally documentation / Tally Help manual available as a CHM help file. However, if your looking to test Tally Accounting Software without buying it, you are out of luck as Tally is not available as a trial download (maybe to prevent cracks or trial patches).

Tally Solutions Shop announces Tally 7.2 Release 2.1 with Job Costing and Tax Collected at Source. Visit the Tally homepage and click on the download Tally 7.2 Release 2.1 button for immediate download.

TallySilver 8.1 and TallyGold 8.1 now support entry of data in all unidirectional languages and scripts, concurrently. Users can interact with the software through all commonly performed functions by choosing from the built-in vernacular interfaces. Interfaces in additional local languages are being added to the software progressively.

Tally 8.1 is priced at Rs 9,000 for a single user edition and Rs 22,500 for a Tally 8.1 multi-user version. Tally 7.2 users can upgrade to Tally 8 for Rs 2,000 and Rs 4,500 for single and multi-user editions respectively.

Tally 8.1 features include support for budgets, auditing and security control, cost centers/profit centers, job costing, order management, server/client module multiple stock valuation, bank reconciliation.

Tally ies 7.2 Rel 1.42 has Central Sales Tax (CST) included. Tally 7.2 Rel 1.42 can now handle tracking of all CST related forms. The combination of VAT, TDS, Service Tax and now CST capabilities in Tally 7.2 will make it simple to manage myriad issues that will arise due to the complexities of taxation in your day-to-day activities.

If you have to deal with a single company's purchases and sales, then there is just one VAT rate. But if you are a CA or an accounting professional and have to manage the purchases and sales of multiple companies, the VAT/Tax class or rate (such as InputVAT@4%, InputVAT@12.5%) comes with the package.There are new screens for VAT calculation and report generation.

Technology will play an important role in implement VAT and software vendor Tally Solutions, the maker of the most popular financial accounting software for small business in India, are upgrading their Tally Software to make it V.A.T. compliant. The company is also conducting relevant training for chartered accountants and hardware resellers across the country.

Tally 7.2 Now Comes With Free Insurance Cover. Tally Solutions, in alliance with ICICI Lombard General Insurance, is now available with free business insurance cover worth Rs 5 lakh to all customers who buy the software between November 1 and December 15, 2005. The insurance combo includes Rs 2 lakh of fire (property) insurance, Rs 2 lakh of burglary insurance and Rs 1 lakh of cash in safe insurance.

All registered users of Tally 6.3 would be entitled to a free upgrade to Version 7.2. However, this free upgrade would not be available to users of Tally 4.5 or Tally 5.4

If you are upgrading from Tally ees 6.3 to Tally ies 7.2 (Tally Single User Softlock), follow these steps:

a. Download a copy of Tally ies 7.2 from Tally website into a new folder on your computer and install it.

b. Execute Tally. You will get the Activation form. Enter the old serial number, Activation key and the email.

c. Once the activation is complete, you will get a message as Congratulations! Tally ies 7.2 is activated!. The new serial number is displayed on the top right corner.

If you are a Tally 5.4 or Tally 4.5 licensed or unlicensed user, buy Tally 7.2 now and migrate your data to Tally 7.2 easily with Convert45to72.exe utility.

Even in the days of impressive Win32 interfaces, Tally Software has a DOS based GUI that is mostly keyboard based. Though the Version 6.3 claims to support XML, ODBC, HTML formats, lot needs to be done to improve interaction of Tally with MS Office apps like Word or Excel. The software is more oriented towards fast data entry. However, the the reports cannot be even exported to the more common .doc, .xls formats and the HTM format produces heavy code not suitable for manual editing.

To upgrade your TallySilver 6.3 to TallySilver 8.1 or TallyGold 6.3 to Tally Gold 8.1, first download the Tally upgrade form , submit payment and you will receive a link to download Tally 7.2. Very soon you will be notified and authorised to download Tally 8.1

Despite all these drawbacks, Tally is very popular and the company claims that Ninety percent of small businesses use their Software. In a bid to counter piracy and for increasing the registered customer base, the makers of Tally reduced the price of single user edition from Rs 22,000 to Rs 4,900. In order to prevent casual piracy, cracks or keygens, the software uses a hardware lock mechanism and has to be activated over the internet. It is not clear if the company would release a patch (module) for Tally VAT version or a full insaller.

Though it is very likely that VAT would happen this time (April 1, 2005 is the deadline from Center), there is adequate amount of confusion on details. The Finance ministry recently released a draft White paper on VAT which gives a broad structure of the new tax regime. Read the white paper released by the Union Government here [pdf 72 kb]

Users of Tally's ees 6.3 solution will get free upgrades to incorporate VAT-related computing. Tally 7.2 support laserjet printers and Acrobat writer. Tally Printers are available from all Indian Vendors.

You can download Tally Software here. Tally 7.2, Tally 6.3 and Tally eis 5.4 users can also download this release as an evaluation copy.

Tally 7.2 users do not require internet to run their Tally. The Tally 7.2 comes with a simple Dual Activation Licensing mechanism. Now, Tally 7.2 users need not logon to the internet every month. Activate Tally 7.2 on purchase or on upgrade from previous version of Tally and re validate your license within 45 days. Continue to use Tally 7.2 on the particular machine for as long as you desire. For users who do not have access to the web, Tally 7.2 has a convenient Offline license activation mechanism.

With Tally 7.2 all you need to ensure is accuracy while keying in your invoices, thereafter all documents, reports and Statutory Returns will be generated automatically. Tally 7.2 takes care of all your Accounting, Inventory and Statutory requirements, like Balance Sheet, Receivables/Payables, comprehensive MIS reports, Statutory Returns etc., as required by you and the concerned State authorities.

# Statutory Masters import is applicable only for Tally ies 7.2
# Statutory Masters Version 33 is functional in Tally ies 7.2 Release 1.4 onwards only

Summary of features planned in VAT enabled Business Accounting Software Tally version 7.2:

Value Added Tax: Determine user-defined VAT rates on products, classification of Purchase and Sales transactions based on VAT definitions, Generate VAT-compliant invoices, Collate VAT reports containing input tax paid, output tax collected, carry forward balance and net tax payable, File specific monthly/quarterly and annual Statutory Returns and forms compliant with the laws of your state

Service Tax: Determine user-defined Service Tax rates and applicability of these rates from a given date, Track input tax credit and adjust it against Service Tax collected and provide information on net payable, Generate half yearly, annual Returns and TR-6 Challans, at the blink of an eye-lid.

TDS: Determine user-defined expense/payment type with user-defined rates, Auto-deduction of TDS, based on pre-defined rates once the transaction exceeds the threshold limit, Generate Challans and Form-16A Certificate, Generate and file quarterly and annual Returns within the specified 25 day period, Generate e-TDS files in NSDL compatible formats.

Price: Single-User Edition for Rs. 4,950/- and Multi-User Edition for Rs. 13,500/- (set to increase from April 1, 2005) Download Tally 7.2 Download Tally 6.3

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The Tally Dongle (Hard Lock) technology has become obsolete. Tally 7.2 Release 2.1 supports Soft Lock security only. Hard Lock users who download Tally 7.2 Release 2.1, must complete download and thereafter change their security license from Hard Lock to Soft Lock.

Hard Lock to Soft Lock Conversion Form is displayed when Tally starts. The Information regarding the Serial Number and the Activation Code of the newly generated Soft Lock can also be found in Conversion.txt file in the Tally Installation folder.

Only the Email-ID needs to be entered. The Serial Number displayed on this screen is same as the Hard Lock Serial Number.

Tally 8.2 support entry of data in all unidirectional languages and scripts, concurrently, as the built-in interfaces in Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Oriya, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam, have been integrated into the softwares latest release. Tally 8.1 would soon include Urdu, Arabic and Chinese.

Download Tally Chemist - Special version of Tally accounting software for medical shops in India.

Download Tally Developer - on Tally Definition Language (TDL) and can come in handy to customise Tally to suite your business requirements. Tally 7.2 Silver or Tally 7.2 Gold license because TallyDeveloper will be preconfigured to work with your Tally Serial Number.

The TDL Tally bundle contains the TallyDeveloper CD Pack and a book “Tally Development Language – An Insight” for a ready reference in TDL.

TallyDeveloper is comes in 3 different variations, namely:

* TallyDeveloper Academic – for Tally Academies to teach students / potential entrepreneurs through >Tally Technologies Programme (TTP).

* TallyDeveloper Professional – for Software Vendors and independent consultants who wish to provide services on customising Tally Applications.

* TallyDeveloper Enterprise – for Tally Authorised Service Centres who wish to provide services on customising TallyAscent Application.

TALLY VALUE PACK is an on-line subscription product eligible for purchase by licensed users of Tally 7.2 Rel 3.0

Can I use single user Tally in more than one P C with one serial number.
You can use single user Tally serial number only on one P C at any given point in time.

Can I reinstall Tally on a different Computer

Yes, you can reinstall Tally on a different Computer. However, you would need to follow the process of surrendering the license in your existing computer before installing and activating on the new computer.

TallyCurrency? TallyCurrency is a prepaid coupon which a Tally customer can purchase and redeem it against Products offered by Tally Solutions from time to time.

TallyPayroll is integrated with Tally Accounting and Inventory software. Now, the user can maintain company accounts and Payroll together. TallyPayroll maintains payroll for all employee’s and generates Pay slips for each employee. The Payroll figures automatically get reflected in the accounting and inventory module.