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Copernic Desktop Search v1.5 offically released

After few weeks of beta testing, have released the final 1.5 version of their popular tool - the free Copernic Desktop Search.

The final release of CDS 1.5 features smarter CPU resource usage, improved Mozilla Thunderbird support, broader metadata indexing, support for Netscape 8, multiple performance increases, and much more. The key features introduced in the beta version of CDS 1.5 were Thunderbird and Eudora email search, indexing of network drives, improved multimedia metadata indexing, usability improvements, and a new API for adding custom file indexers.

Wildcards can now be used to add custom file extensions to index. But I continue to miss support for .chm and .hlp files in Copernic. But there is some ray of hope. Copernic 1.5 comes with a COM API allowing third-party developers to create plug-ins enabling new file type indexing. Hope some day, one geek will write a plug-in to support MS help files - Amen !

It was sad to see WP describing this ubiquitous tool as obscure. I have tried desktop search tools from all players be it Microsoft, Google, AOL, Yahoo!, Ask Jeeves, X1 or Blinkx, none of them beats Copernic yet. Download CDS 1.5 here [ EXE, 2.5 MB]

Update: It's nice to see this post linked at Copernic site.