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Websites for Women

My wife, Garima, just wanted to share some of here favourites sites about Women. offers a comphrensive guide for Women's Health Issues. You can sign up for their free women's health newletter or subscribe to RSS XML feeds. is a great resource from the US Health Department. It also has a Health Newsletter, FAQs about Women's Health, Non English readers can also benefit as the entire site is available in different languages. You can call their toll-free number 1800 - 994 - WOMAN. (9662) for free women's health information. The special section on Pregnancy is a wonderful resource for expecting mothers.

iVillage is the probably the best resource for women on the net. It is organized in the form similar to Yahoo! directory. iVillage is more like an online community to find and share advice, information and support on subjects such as parenting, careers, computers, diet, fitness, food, relationships, politics and working from home. Their newletters and message boards are extremely popular. To know more about iVillage, click here. Try the Baby Name Finder or take the Personality test.