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Technosexuality - What's that ?

Wordspy definition of technosexual (tek.noh.SEK.shoo.ul) n. A male with a strong aesthetic sense and a love of technology.
technosexuality n.

How is it different from geek? Look again at that "strong aesthetic sense". Real geeks never care what their technology looks like; it's almost a badge of honour to have an ugly box running some elegant code. What fascinated me more than the term itself was the linguistic process of transmission.

Earlier this year, people who spend less money on mousse and more on mouse pads decided that if the style-savvy guys could get their hands on a marketable brand name, then the uber-geeks could certainly come up with something better than nerd: Thus, the term "technosexual" was born.

For years, technological experts have been called many derogatory names, including geek, nerd, dweeb, technophile, gadgeteer, techie or Mr Computer Guy.

"With metrosexuality, it's about style, fashion, culture, and grooming for the straight male. A metrosexual man may be seen at an NBA game one night and an art gallery opening the next," says Ricky Montalvo, the man who wants to take technosexuals mainstream. "We take it one step further by adding technology. A technosexual man may not need to go to the NBA game because he can get highlights and scores via SMS or by browsing the web on his PDA while at the art gallery."

Via Guardian Unlimited

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