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New features added to Blogger Comment Pages

Blogger has totally revamped the "Post a Comment" page. It allows you to login and publish at the same page without requiring you to login and then enter the comments page.

On the right hand side of the page is the space for you to enter your comment. Beneath that are the identity options. (Some of these may not be available, depending on the blog's settings.)

The options are these:
* Blogger username: Your display name will appear, along with a link to your profile and your photo (if you have one).
* Other: You can enter your name and a link to your website, without having to have a Blogger account.
* Anonymous: No identifying information is displayed. The comment is credited to "Anonymous" without a link.

I would now have to change my custom changes that I made to the comments section of my blogger template.

The owner of a blog also has the option to have comments open in popup windows. In this case, all the primary features will still be present, just arranged a little differently:

This article only covers Blogger's commenting system. Some Blogger users have installed third-party comment systems (e.g. Haloscan, Enetation, etc.) which will work differently. Developers may find the Comment Tags interesting.

Please see this article for an overview of the features you'll see when leaving comments on a blog. I still miss the commenting features as available in MovableType and Trackback.