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Mozilla Firefox 2.0 plans for the future

Lead engineer for the project Ben Goodger noted that the new roadmap for Firefox 2 will include an alpha release developer preview in March and a beta release preview in April.

Firefox 1.1 is scheduled for a June 2005 release. It originally had been slated for March, but Goodger said that more time was needed for testing, according to news reports.

No specific details have been given about what Firefox 2 might include. But Goodger posits that some likely goals include improvements to bookmarks, accessibility compliance, and improvements to the extensions system, toolbar and software-update functionalities.

Since his first posting on the delays, Goodger felt the need to point out that the slippage in the release dates was not because he had started work at Google. He said it was simply because he needed to ensure the 1.1 release is of identical quality and scope as the 1.0 release.

Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Roadmap