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Let the world know that you just posted on your blog

Wayne, author of Blog Business World, has some simple but very useful advice for bloggers - When you update your blog, don't forget to ping it!

He explains the complex world of Pinging in very easy terms. Pinging is one of those many wonderful internet words. It refers to letting the various blog aggregators know that you have updated. Pinging merely means letting everyone know you've added new content to your blog.

For example, the blog news site Technorati keeps track of blog entries as news sources. The site also measures the number of inbound and outbound links from each blog. To stay up to date with the changes, Technorati relies on regular pinging. Another site that depends on reporting blog updates is Daypop. Along with news items from conventional sites, Daypop depends on bloggers reporting their updates.

Where do you ping your blog?

Many blog hosts (but not all) offer automatic pinging as a feature of their service. If it's not provided as part of the package, however, you'll have to report your updates manually. One site that accepts manual blog pings is Simply enter your blog's title and URL into the spaces provided. The site will remember your information for your return visits. Bookmark the site, and return every time you add a new entry to your blog.

Another pinging site is Simply add in your site's name, URL, and RSS feed if you have one, and press ping. As an added feature, lets you add some prewritten code to your site, to ping it automatically, if you choose. For an all inclusive pinging site, go to the newly revamped Ping-O-matic. Along with pinging to and, the Ping-O-matic automatically pings Technorati, and a number of others. To use the Ping-O-matic, simply fill in the blanks with your blog's title and URL, click on the sites you want to ping, and there you are. One stop pinging!

Wayne uses the Ping-O-matic, service on a daily basis, to ping all of his blogs. Pinging your blog, every time you update, is the way to do it!