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Google Holiday Logos - Doodle Secrets

Attractive Google logos commemorating holidays and events. Watch this Flash movie on Google Timeline featuring interesting Google logos Or Scott Adams logos.

There's a thing about the special Google logos - There's no set list of events to illustrate, and users never know when one is going to pop up. Google logo designers set up meetings quarterly to map out a calendar, discuss which countries would be offended if they left out their biggest holiday, throw out suggestions for people and events worth commemorating and make sure there were not becoming predictable.

Dennis Hwang is the brain behind these creative logos. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the company's founders, had been experimenting with revisions to the Google logo for special events (in 1999, the first time they tried it, they added a "burning man" to the logo to let pals know they'd be at the Burning Man festival in Nevada for a few days). But Page and Brin were unhappy with the quality of the drawings they were getting from a freelancer. On one occasion, they asked Hwang, knowing that he was an art major, to redraw one of the submissions. He did it and it was exactly what they were looking for.

At 26, Dennis Hwang is already in his fifth year at Google Inc. As an international webmaster, he spends most of his time programming and managing site content. But Hwang has another, more creative role.

He's the artist behind the illustrated Google logos that seem to pop up magically on holidays and important anniversaries. If you're a regular user of the popular Internet search engine, you've probably seen Hwang's beautifully rendered designs, including one for the Chinese New Year last Wednesday. By incorporating images into the letters that make up Google's corporate logo, he has celebrated everything from Earth Day to the 100th anniversary of flight.

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Be sure to read the Google Permission's page before using any of the Google stickers. Please don't use them elsewhere as each has a special history at Google and we'd like them to enjoy their well-deserved retirement.

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