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Google Calendar (GCAL) -

Google Calendar ScreenshotGoogle Calendar (GCalendar) is coming tomorrow. The calendar google subdomain is live now though it shows the main Google search page for the moment. I noticed this while seeing one of my website referral.

Even before the launch of Google Talk and Google Base, their subdomains went live few days before the actual launch. The same can be anticipated with GCalendar since the Google calendar subdomain is now live.

Now that GMail AntiVirus Scanner is already available, we can expect GMail to move quickly out of the beta once the GCal (Google Calendar) application is available.

The domain is registered by Data Docket Inc on April 2, 2004. Data Docket Inc. are already affiliated with Google. Before Google Earth was officially released, the domain name was registered to Data Docket. On May 31st, the domain was transferred to Google Inc. (and Google domain servers) just a few weeks before Google Earth launched.

Google is contemplating the release of web-based calendar, which would perform much like a personal date book or organizer. The source for these rumors seems to be increased Googlebot activity to a site featuring a web calendar.

Jeremy adds that there's been a lot of speculation about Google Calendar recently.

The wishlist for the coming Google calendar includes integration with email clients, search capabilities, invites, and other scheduling aids, syncs with hand-held devices and mobile phones, does resource scheduling, sends reminders and alerts, provides web feeds, supports vCal and uses Ajax or the modern, slick DHTML.

There's been so little innovation in the world of on-line calendars these last few years. Perhaps Google getting into the act would finally change that.

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