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GDeskop rumour is back with Project Googlefox (GBrowser)

Am I moving towads the GDesktop? This question is back with Project Googlefox.

The buzz meter ratcheted up a few ticks last week when Ben Goodger and Darin Fisher, two key players in the development of the Firefox browser, each announced on the MozillaZine blog that they were now employees of Google.

"Another pointer towards a Google browser," someone posted on "Ben Goodger was lead engineer on the Firefox project…now he's been hired by Google -- the company that owns gbrowser."

According to, IE has lost five percent of its market share directly to Firefox, a product publicized almost exclusively through word of mouth alone. Think about the user reaction -- spurred by perceived virus vulnerabilities and quality concerns -- if Google were to launch a browser and advertise it heavily.

"A Google browser could dramatically change the browser market share," says Mark Mahaney, an analyst with American Technology Research.

And now Betanews reports: Google Eyes Domain Registration Market.
Further fueling the flames of speculation that surround Google's future plans, the search giant has recently become an ICANN-accredited domain registrar. Google will be able to directly sell seven top-level domains, but it is currently unclear where the company's specific intentions lie.

Google has yet to make any announcements about becoming domain registrar number 895, but that hasn't stopped the rumor mill. Google
offers a special AdSense service for domain sellers to make money from unused Web addresses, and the company could also benefit by offering low-cost domain names to its Blogger user base.

Who knows the internet may soon be knows as GInternet ?