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An easy ping bookmark for Bloggers

Ping-o-Matic is a free online ping service. See my previous post to know more about pinging. Just enter your blog details here, tick the services you would like to ping and click the Submit Pings button. Through this simple interface you just pinged (or told these services that you have updated your blog),, Technorati, Feed Burner, Syndic8, NewsGator, Feedster, My Yahoo!,, Blogdigger, BlogRolling, BlogStreet, Moreover, Audio.Weblogs, RubHub, A2B GeoLocation and BlogShares.

It is so easy but what if you have to do this everyday. It is so boring to enter the same details again and again, ticking all the relevant boxes and press the submit button. So I created a simple bookmark which I click once or twice in a day depending on my frequency of posting.

If you are a blog author, you can also use this approach, just modify the URL below and add it to your favourites. Happy Pinging !

The text in blue is generally the title of your blog - Replace the spaces with a + (plus) symbol.
The text in red is your blog URL. It should point to your blog and not to the XML file.

Looks like Ping-o-matic also has a similar stuff - their ping results page says - Hey! Bookmark this page and come back to it later to automatically re-ping - but it doesn't work for me. I get the error "Invalid URI given."

To read more about pinging, click here.