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Why is Microsoft so complacent ?

Microsoft is rapidly loosing it's market share to Firefox and Opera but it doesn't seem to be worried at all.

Microsoft executives have confirmed that aren't planning to ship any new or intermediate version of IE before Longhorn(2006) though they are busy building and testing a faster, more secure version internally. Though they will continue to release patches and service packs that would "extend" the functionality of IE.

So that means, the About Dialog of IE would continue to show Version and no version 6.5 or 7.0 until 2006.

This must be definitely good news for Firefox which just registered over 10 million downloads, ran a very successful 2 page ad in the NYTimes and has picked up tons of loyal fans in such a short span.

Even AOL is busy working on a browser. And Opera, which just released a beta version 8.0, claims to be the fastest browser and is also very popular though the free version is ad-supported.

Firefox and Opera might have a long way to go before they can unseat Microsoft, but the Browser Wars II has definitely shaken the Microsoft dominance and browser companies have no other option but to improve their features and provide more robust and secure products.

Microsoft, please wake up - The Fox is setting the ground on Fire. !!

Via The Seattle Times