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What's happening ? AOL to Use Copernic for Desktop Search

While Yahoo has announced a deal with X1, AOL's pact with Copernic is a smarter move. X1 is processor-heavy and RAM intensive, which means that Yahoo will have to trim it down a lot, in order to make a free download feasible. Meanwhile, Copernic is more efficient and less draining - I've never seen a slowdown with it installed - and should be a more compelling download.

The company plans its own desktop search application that is packaged as part of the new AOL browser that's in beta testing. Any AOL member can access this by signing into AOL, then using the keyword "beta" to reach the beta download area. I've just downloaded the beta but haven't had a chance to play with it. But the desktop search is powered by Copernic, another well regarded desktop search app.

Just recently, Mamma acquired Copernic and now AOL plans to use Copernic Technology. Wow !! So much is happening and that also so fast. It is not long before I need a search tool to tell me which all desktop search tools I have installed on my hard drive.

Via Search Engine Lowdown and SEWatch.