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Infosys CEO offers tips for a sound slip

The softest pillow is a clear conscience.

For a man who looks to Nelson Mandela as a role model, it is little wonder that the 49-year-old executive seeks to exemplify the former South African president's virtues of uprightness and perseverance.

Against a global corporate backdrop marred by high-profile financial irregularities from the likes of Enron, Tyco International and Computer Associates International, Nilekani comes across as refreshingly forthright and honest, attributes he, in turn, instills into his company's operations. Transparency is his operating mantra, best summed up in one of Infosys' corporate-governance philosophies: "When in doubt, disclose."

Nilekani believes in the Asian spirit of integrity, ethical behavior, honesty and respect for fellow beings. He hopes to be remembered as a fair, honest leader who raised the aspirations of others and encouraged people to believe in themselves.

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