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Get google results as RSS feeds

Most of us use Google many times a day for many different things: Phone-book lookups, word definitions, news searches, and, of course, ordinary Web searches. Most of the time, we do this sitting at our computers looking at our browsers. That's fine, but you're not in front of your PC all the time, and even when you are, you have other things to do than keep up with searches. Happily, both Google and third parties offer alternatives for getting Google information without using your browser. Some of them don't even require a computer!

Of course, e-mail is passé to some people; all the cool kids these days use Google via RSS feeds. Some of the feeds are within Google's terms of service; some, alas, are not. The Google Alert makes its search updates available as RSS feeds.

There are some sites which allow you to retrieve Google Search Results via RSS feeds. Some of the popular services are:

1. Peter Drayton's Google2RSS
2. Ben's Google to RSS service (Source code available here)

Via Google Everywhere