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Favourite Firefox extensions for 2005

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Firefox extensions allow you to add a host of features to Mozilla's hot new browser. DesktopPipeline has choosem some of the best for you. Mozilla's Firefox browser has spread through the Web-browsing community like, well, wildfire. While its current immunity to the malware afflicting Microsoft Internet Explorer may have sparked its popularity, one of the things that will keep Firefox in public favor is its use of extensions. These add-ons allow users to either keep browser lean and mean, or include a variety of utilitarian, interesting, or just plain fun features.

Mozilla has made it very simple for Firefox enthusiasts to install and uninstall extensions via its Firefox Extensions tool. By clicking on Tools/Extensions, a window comes up that offers a list of the installed add-ons and the ability to uninstall an extension, check for updates, access any options for the applet, or look for more.

McSearchPreview - Add thumbnail images to search results
Gnusto - Runs text-adventure games
Nuke Anything - Temporarily removes ads
FoxyTunes - Integrates media player controls into the browser