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Download freeware and shareware from The Register

The Register have just announced the launch of their new download site. The download site is offering Windows and Macintosh software. Next to that, they also announced their software shop, which offers software in boxes. I'm pretty much convinced this will be one of the major download sites in no time.

The content is provided by 5 Star Network, which is, just as The Register, based in the UK, and also provides the content for the LockerGnome downloads.

We’re absolutely delighted in the run-up to the Festive Season™ to be able to offer our readers a little something from the Vulture Central “get-something-for-free-pay-nothing-ever” department.

Indeed, we’re sure that fans of El Reg will find this a refreshing change from the inexorable “buy-now-pay-2020-at-86%-APR” Yule orgy of capitalism which has so sullied the spirit of Christmas.

What has surprised me the most is that a search for "Desktop Search Tools" in the Register Download site did not return even a single desktop search product like X1, Copernic, etc. though the page said Found 902 titles for "desktop search tools" in Windows. (0.32 seconds)

So that needs a bit of tweaking I guess.

Via Shareware Blogs