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Download the latest Adobe Reader update

Adobe Reader 6.0.3 update

This update addresses several potential vulnerabilities in
Adobe Reader versions 6.0.0-6.0.2. Note that currently there are no known malicious exploits of these vulnerabilities.

Adobe recommends that all users of Adobe Reader 6.0 apply
this update as a proactive measure.

This update addresses three issues:

- Preventing playback of malicious content in Flash media
embedded in a PDF File. For more information see Adobe
Knowledgebase article #321328

- Vulnerabilities in the PNG library (libpng version 1.2.5) that could be exploited with malformed PNG images. For more information see CAN-2004-0597.

- An issue with how the eBook plug-in works with *.etd files during eBook transactions. For more information see CAN-2004-1153.

Download Adobe Acrobate 6.03 Update here. (1.8 Mb)

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