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Buy India Pictures from the Hindu Newspaper

Buy pictures from the Hindu Newspaper

The Hindu Newspaper group has launched an online library of over 40,000 images related to India similar to the Corbis stock photography and digital pictures service.

The site is divided into several broad categories: creative, news, sports, and historic. (It's also searchable by keyword.) I took a look at the Historic section, which stated that its photographs come from 125 years of archives. It's searchable by keyword and year span; I searched for history and got three results.

The results are listed in thumbnails that are almost smaller than the list of options that follow them (Add to Cart, Add to Wishlist, Calculate Price, Show Details) but when you click on the image you get a much larger picture and many details, including an extensive caption, category and sub-category, date, and location. There's also a link to calculate price based on what you want to do with the image, from personal use to editorial use and more (decor?)

The Hindu Images is a web-based online catalogue cum storefront for The Hindu's rights managed photo stock. Pictures can be downloaded from the Web site by making payments through credit cards. Prices of pictures start from Rs 500.