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blinkx 2.0 - Don't need to wait for Longhorn

Blinkx 2.0 is a significant update, with improved functions in many areas, as well as new features. Smart Folders in particular should prove incredibly useful as they keep your most important searches constantly up-to-date.

blinkx 2.0 analyzes the Web pages, documents, and e-mail messages you view and works busily in the background to locate items that are similar. Before you even think about searching, results are ready. To accomplish this, it indexes blogs, news feeds, Web pages, product listings, video feeds, and your local documents and e-mails.

In previews of the coming Longhorn version of Windows, Microsoft has introduced the concept of a Library - a folder-like construct that organizes files by content rather than by location and that automatically updates to include new matching content. Longhorn is still years off, and the initial release won't even include the Windows Future Storage component, which powers the Library concept.

But don't worry; the Smart Folders feature in blinkx 2.0 offers that functionality now. You can define a Smart Folder based on a keyword query, or you can turn an existing folder into a Smart Folder, asking blinkx to use its implicit searching power to find items that are related to the files already in the folder. blinkx updates the folder with shortcuts to local files, e-mail messages, or Web items that match - you can set it to download off-line content automatically. When new matching content appears, blinkx alerts you by changing the folder's icon. You can configure each Smart Folder, specifying which of the content types should be included and spelling out how recent and how relevant items must be. [Via PC Magazine]