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After Blogger and Picasa, will Google buy Flickr ?

Is Google slowly moving towards having a monopoly on the web ?

There are rumours on the net that Google might now be eyeing Flickr which is a very popular photo sharing service among bloggers.

And there are reasons to believe this rumour. Google has already purchased Blogger from Pyralabs and Picasa - So they already have a blog application, a photo-sharing tool, now all they need is a photo storage server. Plus, Flickr offers other advantages to Google like Flicks supports an Open API, uses AdWords, uses tags, and has a strong focus on community: groups, live chats, etc. and it will certainly boost the size of Google Image database which was updated recently.

Though I use Blogger for my Blog, I am disappointed with the speed of Blogger sites, and there is almost nothing new in terms of features. Why do they stop innovating once a big fish eats the small fish ? Hope the same doesn't happen with Flicks incase Google acquires it.

Some say that it isn't possible as Google already has Picasa which also offers server space but to me, Flickr has a very big advantage, it already works with Blogger, you just send a picture as an attachment in email to a Flickr address and the image will appear in your blog immediately with all the right titles and descriptions. So Google might use Picasa as a desktop application for browing and editing photos offline while it may use Flickr as a server app.

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