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Add a TextArea for posting comments in your Blogger site

I know it is sometimes a pain to post new comments in Blogger sites. First the site visitor has to click the "Post a comment" site, then it takes him to another page where either he signs-in if he has a blogger account or post anonymously. This is so much to do and I feel that the visitor exits the site without leaving a footprint.

Because of all these hassles, I decided to put a text area in my posts where users can post comments directly without needing to sign-in. This is already present in Typepad or Movable Type Blogs.

After some tweaking of the Blogger template, I now have a textbox in all my posts. Ofcoure, I still have the normal link "Post a Comment" for those who don't wan't to post anonymously.

Just add the following piece of code to your Blogger Template code, save the template and republish your blog.

Click on the above image to expand. If things go fine, you will see a textarea for comment in each of you blog posts.

Remember to replace [BlogID] with your own blog number

For those looking at a more lengthy solution with all fields like Name, Email, URL, see this post.