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Windows XP Reloaded - Release 2 ?

“Windows XP Release 2 coming” This is the headline that greeted Ars Tchnica readers the other day. It outlines some interesting comments made by Steve Ballmer at the annual Gartner Symposium in Orlando, Florida. Admittedly, it sure did SOUND LIKE there’s an XP SE coming, but Paul has posted a nice FAQ to answer most of your questiong about Windows XP Release 2.

Despite Microsoft's repeated denials, the company will indeed release an interim version of Windows XP that will bridge the gap between the initial XP release and Windows Longhorn, which is currently due in late 2005 at the earliest. The interim XP version will ship as a new retail product that replaces existing retail boxed copies of XP and as a set of updates, called XP Reloaded, that existing XP users can install separately.

Windows XP Reloaded is a planned interim marketing push for Windows XP that will more widely broadcast features that have been shipped since the initial XP release in 2001, including XP SP2, a new Windows Media Player version, and other exciting consumer-oriented features.

Q: What is Windows XP Reloaded?
A: Windows XP Reloaded is the code-name for a Windows XP marketing push that will focus on how XP has evolved since its initial release in October 2001. Filling the gap between the original XP release and Longhorn, the next major version of Windows, XP Reloaded is Microsoft's vision for a combination of XP and various software updates that, in effect, amounts to an interim Windows version.

Q: Is Windows XP Reloaded this product's real name?
A: No. XP Reloaded is a code-name for a marketing push, not a product. Microsoft is publicly calling this marketing push "Digital Entertainment Anywhere."

Q: So is Microsoft releasing an interim version of XP?
A: No. XP Reloaded is more of a marketing push than an actual product, but it represents a major advance over the original release of XP, and most of the updates are free.

Windows XP Reloaded release schedule
Windows XP Reloaded revealed: February 26, 2004
Windows XP Reloaded release date: Fall 2004

Via Paul Thurrott
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