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What add-ons are available for Blogger?

Blogger for Word

Google now provides a free plug-in for Microsoft Word XP that works with Blogger. Once you install the plug-in and restart Word, some buttons will appear. These buttons allow you to publish, edit, and save as draft from within Word.

There are all sorts of things you can add to your blog to make it more entertaining, more useful, or just more added-on-to. You can add a guestbook, or a tagboard, or a hit counter, or any number of other things, even ones we haven't thought of.

Once you find something you want to add to your blog, just follow the instructions on that site for how to do it. Usually, they will give you a piece or two of HTML code that you can cut-and-paste right into your blog. If it's something you want in a particular post (such as a quiz result) you can enter it the same way you make your other posts. If it's something you want to appear on every page (such as a hit counter, or a link to your guestbook) then you can paste the code into your template. Most of these features are very easy to install, but if you run into trouble with them, the site providing the service in question should be able to help you out.

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