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Video Editing made extremely simple

How to make crowd-pleasers from home videos.

While most of us feel comfortable shooting with a camcorder, fear of actually editing the video is so rampant that it deserves an official medical designation, like timeline-aphobia or transitionitis. In years past, when working with analog formats (for example, 8-mm, Hi8, and VHS-C), underpowered computers, and minimal hard disk space, this apprehension was probably justified.

Today, though, if you own a DV camcorder and late-model Windows XP computer, you'll find video editing surprisingly accessible. With the holiday season looming (and perhaps summer videos waiting to be edited), there's never been a better time to take the plunge. So take a deep breath, visualize success, and follow along with our introduction to video editing.

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Microsoft's Movie Maker 2.1 for Windows XP is freely available to all Windows XP users. The latest version of Movie Maker is available only as a component of Windows XP Service Pack 2; if you've downloaded SP2, you should have Movie Maker 2.1.