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Promote Firefox with free wallpapers, screen-savers, buttons..

Mozilla Firefox 1.0 was released today. Servers are reportedly being hit hard so you might want to try a bittorrent download. Comments from: The BBC, PC World, InformationWeek and a very good article from The Boston Globe. Users needing support should check out the Mozillazine Support Forums.

There are some great flyers, phrases for your IM nickname, wallpapers, buttons, banners and such that can be found on this extensive list.

There is even a letter to Internet Cafe Owners

Dear {internet cafe owner},

As a regular internet cafe customer, I enjoy the convenience and speed that internet cafes offer. But lately, I have become concerned about privacy and the security of my data when I use internet cafes. In particular, there have been {X number} of bugs related to Internet Explorer in the past {Y number} of months.

I would feel much more confident in your service if you were using Firefox. USA Today has said, "Beware of spyware. If you can, use the Firefox browser." I do at home and I'd also like to at your cafe. I hope you will consider using Firefox as browser. Further information can be found on

Yours Truly,
{your name}

Another one to City Officials

Dear {offical's name}

I am a citizen of {city/region name} and I think it would be a good idea for city employees to use the new Firefox web browser. Firefox is faster and more secure than Internet Explorer. Lately, I have read newspaper reports citing concerns about the safety of citizen's data in government offices. I think that Firefox would minimize the problems associated with this.

Thank you,