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The IT Industry in India cheers Bush's Victory

India's outsourcing companies were jubilant Wednesday that the elections in the United States will return President Bush to office.

"This is great news for the offshoring industry," said Nandan M. Nilekani, chief executive of Infosys, a software services company. The trend toward outsourcing will now become even more inexorable, Mr. Nilekani said.

Offshore outsourcing, or the moving of work from the United States to low-cost centers like India, was an issue in the presidential election. The Democratic candidate, Senator John Kerry, blamed Mr. Bush and outsourcing for the loss of thousands of American jobs.

Mr. Bush, in contrast, was largely silent on the issue. But members of his team, among them N. Gregory Mankiw, the chief economic adviser, and Treasury Secretary John W. Snow, have both defended outsourcing as another form of free trade.

Mr. Kerry referred to ''Benedict Arnold companies and C.E.O.'s'' that sent jobs overseas. He promised that as president he would end tax deferrals for companies that send work abroad.

Via NYtimes