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Best ways to promote your blog and also make money

Ways to promote your weblog

There are millions of them, and few are read by anyone. That's mainly due to the banalities that pass for content on most blogs.

But even good blogs can go unread, without a little extra effort to attract visitors.

What's needed are some eyeball magnets -- blogging tools that will bring new traffic to your site. And there are plenty to choose from.

Syndication, for one. That's the popular practice of adding a tag to your blog that will automatically let readers know when you've added material.

On many popular blogs, you'll see a link marked RSS, XML, or Atom. Plug that link into a syndication software program, and you'll get an update every time the website is updated. Most avid blog readers use syndication programs to keep tabs on their favorite sites. Adding syndication to your own blog can deliver a quick boost in readership.

The leading blog-hosting companies, like Google Inc.'s Blogger, provide syndication; it's just a matter of switching it on and adding a bit of extra code to your blog. If you're serious about expanding your audience, it's the first move to make.

Next, you can try raising your profile. The simplest way is to post more frequently. No matter how small your readership, they'll at least keep coming back if you put up new material every day. Besides, frequent updates will cause search services like Google to bump your blog higher in its search rankings.

You can contact Google and try to get your blog listed in its directory service. Unlike the main search engine, Google Directory uses human reviewers who sort websites into broad categories. The reviewers only choose sites they consider especially interesting, so you had better polish up the quality of your blog. Once it's ready, you can go to and submit your blog for consideration.

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