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The Best-ever Freeware Utilities for Windows

The Best Freeware List
Your Guide to the Free Software, best Free Utilities for PCs - the simply best free software

Best Free Anti-Virus Software - AVG Antivirus 6.0 Free Edition

Best Free Adware/Spyware/Scumware Remover - Spybot and Ad-aware

Best Free Malware Prevention - WinPatrol

Best Free Browser - FireFox <= Free migration guide

Best Free Browser Accelerator - NaviScope

Best Free File Manager - xplorer²

Best Free Anonymous Surfing Service - JAP

Best Free Software Suite - GNUWin II

Best Free Notepad Replacement - EditPad

Best Free Hotkey Utility - Hotkeycontrol XP

Best Free Registry Cleaner - Toni Helenius' Easy Cleaner

The Best Bookmark Cleaner - AM-DeadLink

Best Free Route Tracer - 3D Traceroute

The Best Free Screen Capture Utility - Gadwin screen capture

The Best Free Search Bar - Dave’s Quick Search Bar

Best Free Download Accelerator - Star Downloader

Best Free Web Site Ripper - HTTrack

Best Free DLL Cleaner - DLL Archive

Best Free File Cleaner - Empty Temp Folders

Best Free Resource Meter - TinyResMeter

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