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What is missing in Desktop Search Tools

This is a "feature request" for developers search engine tools like Copernic, Filehand, blinkx, dtSearch, dowser, Google DS, X1 and many others in the waiting:
A wishlist for my ideal desktop search tool:
  • Should be able to index .mht, .chm & .hlp files
  • Should not have separate tabs for emails and files
  • Should have an inbuilt viewer for most of the file formats and not just text or MS Office formats
  • Should be extensible - ability to support third party plugins or viewers
  • Should allow to run date specific search
  • Should be able to run search on meta data of graphic and music files
  • Should be able to support 'regular expressions' for advanced search
  • Should be FREE for life without ads
Feel free to add to this list of "what's missing"