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Search Google faster in India

Thanks Arnab for this tip

From IITB, the server, which is the indian mirror to Google responds much faster than it's .com counterpart. Since Mozilla Firefox uses the slower as the URL for all its searches, and I use the integrated search features (right click search, and the search box) a lot, I thought it'd be cool to have these point to in place of .com so that it doesn't take forever to access my secondary brain. Here's how to do it:

1. To edit the default URL for the search box, go to firefox/searchplugins, where firefox is the application directory. Open up google.src for editing. Change the "action" value that has to Now all searches from the top right search box will be sent to the indian server. You'll need to restart your browser for this one.

2. Type about:config in your location bar(where you type URLs) and press enter. There'll be a variable called Change that to as well. This changes the right click web search URL.

Of course you can also change these values to point to search engines other than google, like Teoma, if you want.